High school sweethearts

You may have already seen this because it was featured in a guest blog but I promise this is original peace written by me lol. Hope you enjoy!!!

High School Sweetheart?

Roses are red violets are blue, I think we were meant to be high school sweethearts but now you’re gone and I miss you.

Dear Ja’Darius ;

It’s been 2years since I’ve learned of your passing and honestly it effects me more today then it did when I first found out and I don’t know why. Maybe because I always thought that even if we lost contact god would bring us back together someday, you know like in those shity romance movies?? I’m so sorry I didn’t come to your funeral I didn’t know, no one had the decency to tell me smh. I found out through a girl we went to school with, she was telling me how a teacher had added her on Facebook, you know the one that literally laughed and sung about everything??….yeah her. Apparently you and her were friends until you passed away. At the time I wasn’t hurt or sad just shocked because yeah the school we attended at the time was combined with a hospital but you nor I were a sick patient we were sent there to recover from surgery and the last time I seen you. You were walking to school looking as healthy as the day you got discharged from the hospital. I have an idea well more like an assumption of what happened to you but refuse to ask what really happened. Some things are better left unknown. Sometimes I get mad at myself for not asking you out or wonder why didn’t you asked me but then other times I’m happy because I know we would’ve been together until your dying days and loosing you would be sooo much harder.

I guess what makes it so hard is not knowing if we were truly meant to be…. High School Sweethearts??

Dear Insecurities

You may have already seen this because it was featured in a guest blog but I promise this is original peace written by me lol. Hope you enjoy!!!

Dear Insecurities:
It’s not me, it’s you, you have to go!! You’re not welcome here, in fact you never were. See the way you made your way into my life was quite smooth if I don’t say so myself. You played with the fact that I have a disability and that I have to use a wheelchair because of it. You squeezed yourself in a little more when people made fun of the way I spoke or asked why’d I sound like that.
Then you somehow managed your way to my looks. Growing up I constantly heard “you’d be so beautiful if you weren’t in that chair” as if my looks had something to do with the chair. I heard that so much that I actually believed it.
Dear insecurities:
Are you happy with yourself for causing so much pain in my life?? Does it boost your ego by constantly tormenting me with mean words from the past?? You have to go!! Does it make you happy knowing that I actually believed your lies constantly repeating them to myself day after day, month after month, year after year??
Dear insecurities:
While you’ve most certainly been my longest relationship, it’s time I say goodbye. The love you have for me is no longer needed. I found someone new, her name is confidence and she loves me!!
Unlike you she makes me feel strong, smart and most importantly she lets me know that I am beautiful!! So insecurities I hope you enjoyed your stay but pack all your shit cause you have to go!!!


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